You Can Be A Hero

You Can Be A Hero


You Can Be A Hero

The world is like a garden which is filled with different species of flowers,yet, there are flowers which are not even recognized or known and in the same garden, there are flowers which are treasured for their beauty, Fragrance or colony.

People are just Flowers in a garden, while some are unrecognized or not given any importance as they choose to forsake their dreams, others are adored and praised as good men or heroes. The Heroes of our time were not born as “Heroes”, but they are addressed as heroes. This is to say that a person with the will and determination to become a hero can equally achieve his dream. Take for instance; our mother Mary; she was told or rather selected to be the mother of lord Jesus Christ. It was because of her lifestyle that is the meekness, Humbleness, obedience etc. that she was told to be the mother of Christ. think of it; do you think she was selected because of her way of life. Have you not heard of professor Ngozi Okonjoiwela, the former Minister of Finance, Sir Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, the late warlord or even Professor Chinua Achebe, The late Legard. These people, who are from our own country, are among the heroes of our time. You can make it into the guinness book of record as a hero and one to reckon with but you will have to sweat as much as these heroes have in order to become one of them.

Hardwork is another name for Success-pray harder, work hard and be more dedicated to your course. Find a dream and work towards it and if you can score goals towards realizing your dream, you will find out that you are already a hero. It is important to become a hero that helps the poor and needy, a true ambassador of his people who is worthy to be noted and a hero who has people’s trust. It is only then that you can bea ” Genius”. The likes of Ben Carson the world best neurosurgeon and Micheal Jordan; the world best basketball player will be seeking your advice on issues of national importance. This “Quest for heroism” is not a fantasy as people call it but is real only if you work harder. You have a talent which is unique.

Talent is a hidden treasure that will bring you fortune. If you explore it’s vast compartments, I promise you that with a lot of determination and effort, your talent will shine out make you a genius, who is a real hero of his people. You are beautiful, you are priceless. Develop your abilities and explore your talents to the brim and at the end of the day, you will be a “rare gem” and then you will be a true ambassador. You can be a hero

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